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PMC A Listed Medical Universities in China for Pakistani Students

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

PMC A Listed Universities of China - List provided by Web Consultants

Having completed their F. Sc, Pakistani students start the great journey of getting into a Medical University to fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor. Having registered for the entry test for medical universities, the students rush to the test centers after preparing for the exam for months. According to The News, the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) successfully conducted an Entry Test for MBBS/BDS Session 2020 for its 13 Medical and 5 Dental Constituent and Affiliated Colleges across the country and AJK simultaneously, in which around 50,000 candidates appeared for the test. However, just a few of these students got selected in these medical and dental colleges, while the rest were left aspiring for other options. Every year a large number of students get left out, due to the limited number of seats available in Pakistani Medical Colleges. Aspiring students then turn to other options looking for Universities abroad to Study MBBS. China poses as a potential country willing to accept these students in universities not just accredited by WDOMS, WFME, WCAME, FAIMER, ECFMG and on the A List of PMC, but also ranked high in the world. We have collected a list of universities that have been placed on the A List of Pakistan Medical Council (PMC) for your convenience to choose from for studying MBBS in China. China has been placed in List 1 of countries and the universities represented by Web Consultants are on the A List of PMC (Pakistan Medical Council).

List of PMC A Listed Universities of China

In the latest tweet issued by PMC on unrecognized and unaccredited medical and dental colleges, "All applicants applying to foreign medical and dental colleges are advised to check the PMC-accredited medical and dental colleges with only colleges in Category A leading to direct licensing. Degrees from colleges in all other categories are not recognized on an equal footing and hence subject to the different Licensing Pathways as notified by PMC."

Currently, the following 107 Chinese Medical Universities have been placed on the A List of PMC:

  1. China Medical University

  2. Shandong University

  3. Wuhan University

  4. Xi'an Jiaotong University

  5. Harbin Medical University

  6. Jiangsu University

  7. Nanjing Medical University

  8. Lanzhou University

  9. Peking University

  10. Guizhou Medical University

  11. Anhui Medical University

  12. Capital Medical University

  13. Chongqing Medical University

  14. Jinzhou Medical University

  15. Jinan University

  16. China Three Gorges University

  17. Ningbo University

  18. Shanghai Jiaotong University

  19. Guangdong Medical College

  20. Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine

  21. Fujian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  22. Hebei Medical University

  23. Wuhan University of Science and Technology

  24. Xi'an Medical University

  25. Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

  26. Zhejiang University

  27. Gannan Medical University

  28. Guiling Medical University

  29. Hangzhou University of Science and Technology

  30. Hubei Institute of Science and Technology

  31. Hubei Minzu University

  32. Mudanjiang Medical University

  33. Bengbu Medical College

  34. Binzhou Medical College

  35. Changzhi Medical College

  36. Chengdu Medical College

  37. Guangdong Pharmaceutical University

  38. Hangzhou Normal University

  39. North China University of Science and Technology (Previously known as Hebei United University)

  40. Jilin Medical University (Previously known as Beihua University)

  41. Hubei University of Medicine

  42. Inner Mongolia Medical University

  43. Jianghan University

  44. Luoyang School of Medicine

  45. Nanjing University

  46. Northwest University for Nationalities

  47. Shenzhen University

  48. Yichun University

  49. Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities

  50. Zunyi Medical University

  51. Hebei North University

  52. Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  53. Shantou University

  54. Sichuan University

  55. Sun Yat-Sen University

  56. Anhui University of Science and Technology

  57. Baotou Medical College

  58. Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  59. Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  60. Wannan Medical College

  61. Dalian University

  62. Hainan Medical University

  63. Hebei University of Engineering

  64. Jiamusi University

  65. Jinggangshan University

  66. Jining Medical University

  67. Jiujiang University

  68. Kunming Medical University

  69. Ningxia Medical University

  70. Dali University

  71. Southern Medical University

  72. Tianjin Medical University

  73. Changsha Medical College

  74. Chengde Medical University

  75. Shanxi Medical University

  76. Shenyang Medical College

  77. Shihezi University

  78. Soochow University

  79. Southeast University

  80. Southwest Medical University

  81. Tongji University

  82. Weifang Medical University

  83. Wenzhou Medical University

  84. Xiamen University

  85. Xinjiang Medical University

  86. Xuzhou Medical University

  87. Yangtze University

  88. Yangzhou University

  89. Zhengzhou University

  90. Guangxi Medical University

  91. Nantong University

  92. Hunan University of Chinese Medicine

  93. Central South University

  94. Fujian Medical University

  95. Gansu University of TCM

  96. Guangzhou Medical University

  97. Hubei University of Science and Technology

  98. Peking Union Medical College

  99. Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  100. North Sichuan Medical College

It is advised to study only in PMC A Listed universities of List 1 countries instead of opting B or C Listed universities. Moreover, students having got admitted in MBBS program at universities in B or C List of PMC can avail a wonderful opportunity of transferring to a PMC A Listed university with the help of Web Consultants. You can check this blog out for more information:

In order to get more information about Study MBBS in China, you can get in touch with us because we at Web Consultants Thrive For Your Bright Future!

*This blog is applicable for PMC Rules prior to April 01, 2022. China has been shifted to List 2 country now and the medical universities in China have been shifted from PMC A List to PMC B List.

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