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MBBS Migration to PMC A Listed Universities in China for Pakistani Students

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Pakistani MBBS students studying at universities, not on PMC's A List are living a nightmare currently, as they have no clear vision of how their future may pan out. This is why lots of Pakistani students who had initially rushed to study MBBS abroad and ended up in universities not accredited by ECFMG and not on the A List of PMC are today looking to transfer to PMC A Listed universities in order to secure their future and to avoid wasting hard-earned money of their parents. Continue paying fees to such Universities is like throwing one’s money down the drain and just getting a worthless piece of paper named "MBBS Degree" at the end which isn't accepted anywhere in the world, until and unless these Universities manage somehow to get accreditation by ECFMG and come on the A List of PMC. Migrating to Universities on the A List of PMC is a wise decision in order to avoid tomorrow's troubles. Worried about finding such a university? Stop worrying, Web Consultants is here to your rescue! We at Web Consultants have been aware of the plight suffered by Pakistani medical students uncertain of their future tomorrow and have worked hard to find a university that is willing to help save the future of such students. Thankful to this PMC A listed University, Web Consultants have managed to start working with them and help students get transferred to this PMC A Listed University. Migration is being accepted to the 2nd year only at this PMC A-Listed University and the best part is that HSK is not required for your transfer.

In the latest tweet issued by PMC on unrecognized and unaccredited medical and dental colleges, the PMC has advised all the applicants applying to foreign medical and dental colleges to check the PMC-accredited medical and dental colleges with only colleges in Category-A leading to direct licensing.

Being a daunting task, the PMC A-Listed University after discussing with Web Consultants thankfully agreed to accept even those students who had no prior knowledge of Chinese language. HSK will not be required to migrate to the PMC A Listed University initially. However, you need to know that HSK is compulsory and you will have to pass HSK 4 later before graduating. This comes as a major sigh of relief not just to those students who will be transferring from Universities in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. but also to those students who are studying in Universities in China but did not take the HSK exam so far or haven't been able to pass their HSK 4 exam.

The said University is not just accredited by the WDOMS, but also by WCAME, ECFMG and the most concerning part for Pakistani MBBS students - It is also on List A of Pakistan Medical Council (PMC). After receiving the MBBS (Clinical Medicine) degree from this University and becoming a doctor, students will be able to write exams like USMLE, PLAB, MCCQE, HPCSA, AMC, NLE from PMC etc. It is thus a golden opportunity for MBBS currently studying at universities not accredited by ECFMG and not on the A List of PMC, to grab it by both hands and transfer to the University brought to you by Web Consultants, because we at Web Consultants thrive for your bright future. We at Web Consultants welcome you wholeheartedly and will make the migration as convenient for you as possible.

Do get in touch with our team, if you have any further questions regarding migrating from Kyrgyzstan to China, Tajikistan to China, Uzbekistan to China, from China to China, or from any other country to China. We will do our best to respond to your queries, in line with our policies. Bon Voyage!

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