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MBBS Scholarships in China

1st-year Tuition-Free scholarships are available to international students. Web Consultants brings a Golden opportunity for students having completed their High School to apply for the 1st year Tuition-Free scholarship.


Students having completed their High School (F. Sc/A-Levels) with marks of 1045 (95%) or above are welcome to apply for this scholarship, with the help of Web Consultants.

Will there be a scholarship in the following years of MBBS as well?

The scholarship is being offered only for the first year. From next year onwards no set criteria for a scholarship has been announced by the Universities we represent and Web Consultants will bear no responsibility in case a scholarship is not awarded in the following years. This is why it has been clearly mentioned in the picture and also in this article that this is just a 1st-year Tuition-free scholarship.

Degree Title:

The degree awarded on graduating successfully will have a title of Clinical Medicine.


  • Do not provide fake documents.

  • Seats are limited so apply at the earliest. 

  • The final decision of accepting or rejecting the application for scholarship rests with the University.

Full Scholarship for MBBS in China (1st year scholarship only):

Another scholarship to Study MBBS in China is being introduced by Web Consultants for international students. This scholarship for studying MBBS in China covers both the Tuition and Accommodation fees for the first year. However, in the following years the scholarship is not guaranteed and the amount of scholarship offered in the following years is not guaranteed either. Again please note that this scholarship is only for the first year of studying MBBS in China.

For students who look for financial assistance while studying MBBS in China, another option available to students apart from scholarships is to work in China while studying. China has recently changed policies towards jobs for international students while studying in China, which will have a positive financial impact on international students.

MBBS scholarship in China by Web Consultants in the 1st Year
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