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Get Informed About Studying MBBS in China

How many marks are required for admission to study MBBS in China?

Usually, the universities have set up a percentage eligibility criteria of around 70% in High School (F. Sc/Intermediate) for giving admissions to international students, especially for Pakistani students. There are however still a few universities in China which offer MBBS admissions to students at or below 60% in High School (F. Sc/Intermediate).

Is MBBS from China recognized in the world?

All of the universities Web Consultants represent, offering Clinical Medicine (MBBS) in China are accredited by WDOMS, WFME, WCAME, FAIMER, ECFMG and are PMC Listed Universities. Chinese universities are well reputed and accepted globally. However, in order to practice in a specific country, it is essential for a doctor to first pass that country's licensing exam and go through that particular country's licensing body's website to check more details.

What is the age limit to apply for MBBS in China?

18-25 is the age limit officially announced by most of the universities in China to accept students for MBBS. However, universities mostly prefer students with age ranging between 18-21. Some Universities however can accept students to study MBBS in China uptil an age of 35.

Is a study gap acceptable for admission to MBBS in China?

While a study gap of around 2 years is usually accepted by universities offering MBBS in China, it is still advised not to have a study gap. Fresh high school graduates will be preferred for admission over ones with a study gap.

Is it safe to study and live in China especially for girls?

China is one of the safest and friendliest countries in the world for international students, especially girls. With no firearms available in public, it reduces the possibility of a misadventure to a huge extent. This however should not be considered a thumb rule for giving up one's guard, as there are good and bad people everywhere in the world.

Can we find Halal food in China?

Halal food is readily available in China. With special Muslim areas (回民小区) in almost every city of China, Halal meat is easy to find. Even at Marts like Carrefour and Walmart, Halal stamped meat can be easily found. Moreover, Halal food can be found in almost every University canteen.

What is the duration for MBBS in China?

Duration for MBBS in China is 6 years (1+4+1) which usually includes 1 year of Chinese language and Chinese culture with some basic subjects like Medical Chemistry, Etc., 4 years of pure medical studies in the classroom and laboratories, and finally 1 year (last year) of internship at a hospital.

Is it compulsory to learn the Chinese language when pursuing MBBS degree in China?

Yes, it is compulsory for you to learn the Chinese language while pursuing MBBS degree. It is beneficial for you in numerous ways like:

  • You need to speak Chinese in everyday life when traveling or shopping.

  • When doing your rotation and internship at a hospital you will need to speak to your patients in Chinese language.

  • Learning the Chinese language gives you an added benefit later on in life, as China has turned into one of the most influential countries in the world and knowing the language and culture may be useful to you.

What is HSK?

HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. It is a test to assess a foreigner's Chinese language speaking, writing and reading ability.

Is it necessary to pass HSK 4 in the first year of MBBS?

In almost all of the universities (MOE Non-Listed) in China, it is compulsory to pass HSK 4 in the first year before starting Clinical Medicine (MBBS) course. In case failing to do so will mostly lead to restudying the Chinese language for a year.

How much does it cost to study MBBS in China?

The tuition fees for studying MBBS at Chinese universities (MOE Non-Listed) usually range between RMB 18,000-21,000 every year, whereas the accommodation usually ranges between RMB 2,500-5,000 yearly. Tuition and accommodation fees may however, differ from university to university, which is why it is recommended to check with the university you are applying for individually prior to proceeding with your application.

What is the monthly cost of living for a student in China?

The cost of living generally depends on one's lifestyle. Most of the students usually spend around USD 100 (RMB 600-700) per month on their food (self-cooking), traveling and cell phone expenses. The cost of living in bigger cities like Beijing or Shanghai will be higher though.

According to the latest regulations described by the Ministry of Education regarding jobs for international students while studying in China, the students can now take up jobs in China while studying. However, they need to fulfill certain terms and conditions, which have been described in detail in our blog. You can click the above question to go to the blog which contains information about jobs for international students .

Scans of the following documents are required to apply for MBBS in China:

  1. Passport

  2. Photograph with white background

  3. High School Transcripts and Certificates (Matric & F. Sc/O & A-Levels)

  4. Physical Examination Form

  5. Non-Criminal Certificate

  6. Bank Statement

  7. Detailed CV with names, contact numbers, jobs, places of jobs, the title of jobs and ages of both the parents

Is it ok to send documents after taking pictures from my cell phone instead of sending scanned documents?

Pictures taken from a cell phone are unprofessional, unclear and represent the non-seriousness of an applicant. It is advised to only provide scans of the documents instead of taking pictures from your cell phone.

Can I do my internship in my own country?

Most of the universities offering MBBS in China agree to let students do their internship in their home country.

If I do my internship in my own country, do I still need to pay fees to my university?

It differs from university to university. Most universities will ask for a quarter of your tuition fees to be paid even if you do not do your internship at a University-affiliated hospital. However, if you do your internship at a University-affiliated Hospital in China, you need to pay your normal annual tuition fee as usual.

Can my parents go to China with me to drop me at the University?

Your parents can apply for a travel visa separately if they are willing to go to drop you off in China. It is however not recommended as it will be an additional cost. Moreover, you and your parents won't be speaking any Chinese which will be added trouble. It is recommended that after you settle down and have been in China for at least a year, you can have your parents travel to you. This way you would have already learned a lot about Chinese culture, Chinese language and about various places in China where you can take your parents to travel.

How can I invite my parents to China while studying?

You need to visit the international affairs office of your University and have them issue a letter stating that you study here, post this original letter to your parents in addition to an invitation letter written by you. Also, email your parents your current residence permit, ask them to prepare other necessary documents and apply for a visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. For detailed information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

What if I have a medical issue, can I still study in China?

In case, God-Forbidden you have an infectious disease like TB, HIV, or HCV, etc, you will not be granted a visa to study in China.

Can I apply to Study MBBS in China with fake documents?

Providing fake documents is a crime punishable by law. Please do not submit fake documents, no matter how unimportant you think they are. Providing fake documents may lead to the cancellation of your admission and may provoke legal consequences.

Can I use the Physical Examination Form and Non-Criminal Certificate older than 6 months to apply for MBBS in China?

The validity of the Physical Examination Form and Non-Criminal Certificate is usually 6 months, it is recommended to renew both these documents if they are older than 3 months.

What should I take with me that is difficult to find in China when I go to study MBBS in China?

As far as clothes, cooking utensils and accessories are concerned, it is not recommended to carry them along as all this can be bought in China as well. It is recommended to carry along some spices (masala) for cooking, some pulses (daal), pickles (achaar) which are relatively difficult to find in China. It is also recommended to take the books you will use during studying MBBS in China.

Can I arrive before or after the dates mentioned on my admission letter for registration?

It is not recommended to arrive before or after the dates of registration mentioned on your admission letter, without prior permission from the university. Acts such as these may be considered as giving up your admission.

How long is my initial student visa valid for?

Within 30 days of arriving in China, after getting your first visa from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country, you need to have your visa to be converted to a residence permit for which you need to get in touch with the international affairs office of your university.

Will I need to have my Physical Examination done again after arrival in China for the first time?

Yes, you need to have your Physical Examination done again after arrival in China.

What if I am found to have a disease after entering China?

In case you get diagnosed with an infectious disease after having your physical examination done on arrival in China, you will need to return to your country at your own expense and your admission will be canceled.

What will the title of the degree issued to me when I study MBBS in China?

The title of the degree issued to you will be Bachelor in Clinical Medicine.

How to apply for MBBS in China through Web Consultants?

You can either visit our office physically and talk face to face to our career counselor or can email us your documents to apply online after talking to our counselor over the phone.

What is the difference between internship and housejob when studying MBBS in China?

This is an essential question which students who wish to Study MBBS in China need to understand. Internship is part of your degree in which you go to the hospital for a year as an internee and intern at different departments like Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynaecology, Dermatology, ENT, Ophthalmology. etc. The internship is done during the 6th year of your MBBS (Clinical Medicine) studies in China. After you finish your internship at an affiliated hospital, you will take the graduation exam, after which you will be awarded the Bachelor in Clinical Medicine (MBBS) degree.

Now talking about House Job, House Job is not an internship and is not a part of your degree. After you complete 6 years of education and obtain your Bachelor in Clinical Medicine (MBBS) degree, you can then apply for a House Job at a hospital. According to the PMC rules during 2021, a student after completing his MBBS degree from China, could apply for a house job at a hospital in Pakistan prior to giving his NLE exam. However, according to the latest rules of PMC (2022), students graduating from China now also have to complete their house job in China, prior to coming to Pakistan.

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Is MBBS in China a good option?

MBBS in China is definitely a good choice provided that you select a university with high rankings and accreditation from prestigious bodies like ECFMG, WFME, WDOMS and WCAME. Additionally, aim for a University offering MBBS (Clinical Medicine) that ranks within the Top 1% of ESI globally.

Is MBBS in China taught in English?

Yes, MBBS (Bachelor in Clinical Medicine) programs in China are often taught in English, especially in universities that cater to international students. It's essential for prospective students to research and confirm the language of instruction at their chosen university to ensure they meet language proficiency requirements.

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