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Hebei University

A University near Beijing

Accreditation of MBBS from Hebei University

MBBS from Hebei University is accredited by ECFMGWDOMS, and WCAME. Moreover, Hebei University is also among the Universities on List A of Pakistan Medical Council. International students willing to Study MBBS in China are usually worried about the accreditation of the University they are willing to study MBBS at because the most worrying thing for any medic is that his degree should get accreditation once he graduates. After going through the above-mentioned accreditations, students can now apply to Study MBBS in China at Hebei University, with the help of Web Consultants with confidence.

Campuses of Hebei University

Founded in 1921 in  Tianjin as Tianjin Technology and Business University and renamed and upgraded to Hebei University was relocated from Tianjin to Baoding city in Hebei Province in 1970.

Hebei University comprises of 3 campuses which are as follows:

  1. The Main Campus

  2. The Qiyi Campus

  3. The Yuhua Road Campus

All the campuses combined boast an area of over 400 Acres with over 328 Acres of constructed area.

Number of students and staff on Main Campus of Hebei University

Number of faculty members: 3,342

Total number of students: 42,000

Total Bachelor students: More than 28,000

Total Master and Ph.D. students: 6,400

World Ranking of Hebei University

Hebei University enjoys the following World Rankings according to various organizations:

CWUR: 1,222

Fee Structure for MBBS at Hebei University

1st year package: RMB 38,000 (Includes Tuition Fee, Accommodation Fee, Application Fee, Insurance and Admission charges)

2nd year onwards: RMB 25,125 (Tuition and Accommodation Fee)

Total Duration of MBBS at Hebei University

The total duration of MBBS at Hebei University is 6 years which includes 1 year of internship in it as well.

Documents Required to apply for MBBS at Hebei University

In order to Study MBBS in China at Hebei University, scans of the following documents are required:

  1. Passport 1st 5 Pages

  2. Photograph with white background

  3. High School Transcript and Certificate (Matric and F. Sc)

  4. Physical Examination Form

  5. Non-Criminal Certificate

  6. Bank Statement of at least USD 6,000 or equivalent

  7. Detailed CV with names, contact numbers, job titles, and place of jobs of both the parents

Email only scans of the above-mentioned documents to in order to apply for MBBS in China at Hebei University through Web Consultants. Please avoid taking pictures of documents using a cell phone.

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