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Can international students work while studying in China?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Students always want to find opportunities to earn while studying abroad, in order to decrease the financial burden on their parents. Students in the past, who used to opt to Study MBBS in China also wished to work legally during their studies, which wasn't possible earlier. However, now the tide has turned and the Chinese Government has taken a bold decision to allow international students above 18 years of age to work while studying in China.

Students can now work in China while pursuing their education as per the rules of the Ministry of Education, China. For this however, it is absolutely essential to keep up with the terms and conditions and follow the rules mentioned by the Ministry of Education, China.

However, the Chinese Government has kept some rules for international students to follow in order to take up work in China while studying, and the MOE China has described measures for the administration of work-study assistance for international students in colleges and universities, which are as follows:

  1. The international student who wishes to take up work in China while studying, should at least be 18 years old.

  2. Students doing their Diploma (3 year program), Bachelor, Master or PhD can all take up work while studying in China.

  3. The international students are however restricted to work only after having spent 1 year in China. They are not allowed to take up a job prior to completing 1 year in China. This I believe is due to the fact that the Chinese Government wants students to first get acclimated to the Chinese culture and the Chinese language, in order to avoid complications.

  4. Students while studying in China - Both On and Off Campus - are allowed 8 hours of work in a week and 40 hours per month.

  5. During Summer and Winter vacations, the work hours increase to 16 hours a week and 80 hours per month.

  6. Students are not allowed to participate in Toxic, Harmful and Dangerous works.

  7. Students must have purchased insurance which covers both work and study articles.

  8. If the student is working on-campus, the work should be limited to teaching assistant, scientific research assistant, administrative management assistant and school public services. Moreover, the job should not coincide with the normal study time.

  9. The student taking up the job should hold a valid residence permit whose remaining validity should at least be more than 6 months.

  10. The student should not have any prior Criminal Record, he/she should abide by the Rules and Regulations of the College/University he/she is studying in, and should abide by the Chinese Laws.

  11. In order to take up a job, the student should have good academic progress and the attendance should meet the requirement of the College/University where the student is carrying out his/her education, because the main objective of the student should be to study and job should not be the main objective of the student.

  12. The student, prior to taking up a job should get permission in writing from the College/University he/she is studying at.

  13. It is compulsory for the international student to sign an agreement with the company he/she takes up a job, which includes clearly the terms and conditions of the job and the hourly/monthly wage/pay. Having signed this agreement, a copy of this agreement should be given to the College/University where the student is studying, for the record. At the same time the student should submit a unilateral commitment letter to make a commitment to bear the risks and other aspects him/herself and the University/Consultant will bear no responsibility in case of any mishap.

  14. International students engaged in work-study activities outside the campus must hold a letter of agreement, College/University certification letter and relevant materials. He/she should apply at the Entry-Exit department of the Public Security Bureau in the city where his/her College/University is located, within 10 days in accordance with relevant provisions for residence permits and work units, time limits and other work-study related information. If the residence permit of the international student studying in China does not carry the work-study information, the student will not be allowed to work off-campus and if he/she is caught working off-campus without work-study mentioned on his/her residence permit, he/she will be punished according to the law.

  15. If an international student changes the off-campus work-study time-limit, he/she should first inform his/her College/University and go to the Entry-Exit department of the Public Security Bureau within 10 days with a new agreement and a letter of proof from the College/University to add more information to his/her residence permit.

  16. If an international student terminates the off-campus work-study activities due to the termination of the agreement by the employer or other reasons, he/she must submit a written report to the school within 10 days and apply for a change of the annotation information with the Entry-Exit administration department of the local Public Security Bureau.

  17. The geographical scope of work-study is limited to the districted municipal administrative region where the College/University the international student is studying at is located. the period of each application for work-study shall not exceed the validity period of the study residence permit, and shall not exceed one year.

  18. The College/University reserves the right to cancel the permission for the international student to work at any time without prior notification, if it feels necessary.

  19. If the international student is found to be indulged in any illegal job/activity or is found to have worked for time more than the allowed criteria, an investigation will be held against him/her and the consequences will have to be borne by the international student in accordance with the Chinese law.

  20. Each provincial-level administrative department of education shall, in conjunction with local public security bureau, immigration management, human resources and social security departments, coordinate and supervise the work-study activities of international students within its administrative region, guide Colleges/Universities in its administrative region to formulate and improve the implementation of rules for international students' work-study in light of the actual conditions of the College/University and the locality, and implement dynamic management of the scope of international students' work-study positions in accordance with relevant local regulations.

Having provided all the above-mentioned rules and regulations for international students to work while studying in China, the next question which would arrive in a students mind would be What work can an international student do while studying in China?

Generally international students can go for the following jobs in China:

  1. Teaching English or other foreign languages like French, German, Arabic etc. is a job which international students can perform in China while studying. This part-time job offers good pay and also is a respectable job to do.

  2. Modelling is another good option for international students to opt as a part-time. Generally different brands can hire foreigners to work as models, which is another effective way of making money for international students while studying.

  3. Translator is another good job one can take up as a part-time, where during his/her leisure time, an international student can offer his skills of translating Chinese language into some other language like English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Russian. etc.

  4. Working as research assistant at your University is another option for international student who has chosen to Study in China. This I believe should be the best choice to work for an international student in China. Why I say so, is because being at the University and working under a professor to help him/her with his/her research will add to your skills, you can help the professor with publications which will add to your profile as well and to add the topping, you get paid for this work.

  5. Working as a student assistant at your University is another excellent choice where you help both the international affairs office of your university and also the international students studying at your University, and get paid by the University for this help.

  6. Working in drama serials and movies is another option available these days to international students. However, it is necessary for students to be fluent in Chinese in order to get this job.

Finally, I would like to say that Study MBBS in China and Study in China in general is an excellent choice. China today has turned into a Land of Opportunities which welcomes international students to come join excellent universities in China and make use of the scholarships in China and opportunities in China. So stop thinking and come apply with Web Consultants to Study in China and Study MBBS in China. We at Web Consultants wish you all the best for your future!

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