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When can International students return to China?

Updated: Aug 30

Today every International student is worried and is willing to know 'When can International students return to China?' Studies of International students have been highly affected due to the lack of return to face-to-face classes. International students have been left with just one choice...Online classes. Even though this is the only remedy available currently, it has barred students from performing experiments and practicals which is inversely affecting the ability of students to learn in-depth. Students who are studying MBBS in China are also hugely affected by this issue, as they can not perform dissections in Anatomy labs or perform other practices, attend hospitals, etc. Professors in China have however tried their best to be supportive towards their students abroad and have offered every kind of help like extra classes or WeChat sharing with students, in order to get in touch with them even after classes in order to facilitate the International students in case they have any issues understanding during online classes.

The good news as of August 30, 2021, is that China has already administered at least 2,032,934,000 doses of Covid vaccines so far. Now assuming that 2 doses are required for each person, the number of doses is enough for 72.7% of the Chinese population. This to be honest is a huge accomplishment. However, in spite of 72.7% of people having been vaccinated assumably, China has been reporting around 31 new infections on average each day.

According to the Notification from the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, since March 15, 2021, the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has already started facilitations to personnel and family members who wish to travel to China for necessary work, business, visit, foreign family member reunion of Chinese citizens, those who work for Pakistani federal or local governments or other official institutions, if they have been vaccinated with the Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines. In yet another development, a Notice on the Testing Requirements for China-Bound Passengers Departing from Dallas after Innoculated with COVID-19 Vaccine has been issued for guidelines to passengers leaving for China, in which they have been allowed to travel to China even if they have been vaccinated by the American-made Non-Inactivated Vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. However, the Chinese Embassy in the US is still responsible for reviewing the certificates of the Nucleic Acid test and IgM antibody test.

In the latest update provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on July 22, 2021, responding to the question, "Are Chinese embassies in the ROK and the US issuing visas to these students for coming back to China? Can you confirm this, or do you deny that?", Mr. Zhao Lijan replied, "I am not aware of the specific situation you mentioned. As to the issue of the return of foreign students to China, we will study the matter in a coordinated manner under the precondition of ensuring safety amid the COVID-19 epidemic. I want to reiterate that China will take prevention and control measures through scientific analysis in light of the evolving situation. On the basis of ensuring safety, China stands ready to work actively to foster healthy, safe and orderly personnel exchanges with other countries."

In a Press Conference on April 28, 2021, an Update on the Return of International students to China was provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. In a follow-up question put forward to Mr. Zhao Lijan about the lifting of restrictions on International students coming back to China given that Covid-19 in China had now come quite under control, Mr. Zhao Lijan responded that "The Chinese government always attaches great importance to foreign students who want to come to China. Relevant institutions of higher learning have actively responded to concerns and demands of foreign students by making proper arrangements for online teaching and keeping close contact. Under the precondition of ensuring safety amid the COVID-19 epidemic, China will continue to study in a coordinated manner the matter of allowing foreign students to come to China and maintain communication with relevant parties, so as to facilitate sound, safe and orderly flow of personnel."

Even though traveling to China has eased up in recent months, still, updates about the suspension of the entry of foreign nationals into China keep coming up, depending on the rise in COVID-19 cases in their country.

According to the recent update from the World Health Organization, at least 180 countries have started vaccinating their citizens. Moreover, China has also been actively vaccinating its citizens and intends on vaccinating around 80% of its population by Mid-2022. With Winter Olympics 2022 around the corner and so far no plan of cancellations, it appears as if International students may start returning to China in September 2022.

For now, passengers traveling to China are required to be quarantined for 14 days in spite of having the Certificate of COVID-19 vaccine. The cost for this quarantine is to be paid by the passenger him/herself and the hotels for quarantine are assigned by the Chinese Government which cost around RMB 400-600 per night.

Due to the mutations of the virus, China has been cautious in allowing International travelers including International students to travel to China and has been strictly controlling the quarantine and testing regulations. Usually, a 14 days quarantine at the port of entry + 7-14 days of health monitoring/home quarantine is required after arriving in China, depending on the city you will move to. Having said that, the forecast seems bleak for International students to enter China in September 2021.

International students have shown their frustration and wish to return to China by using hashtags like #takeusbacktoChina in social media. Even though China has recently allowed vaccinated individuals to enter China following proper procedures, no proper news or briefing regarding the return of International students to China has been issued formally. Universities however continue accepting fresh International students and continue offering online classes for now.

International students willing to Study MBBS in China should not be disappointed and should wait out the pandemic, which is in the best interest of everyone because the further spread of the virus is not good for anyone. For now, International students should continue their studies online and hope for the pandemic to come to an end at the earliest. In the meantime, the students should take care of themselves and of their families, maintain social distancing, stay at home, avoid public gatherings, put on their masks when outdoors, wash their hands often and get vaccinated at the earliest possible time. We hope for the pandemic to come to an end at the earliest so that everyone can continue with life normally, healthily and happily and students can return to China to continue studying MBBS in China at their Universities.

Web Consultants have been working hard to get updates about International students returning to China and we will continue bringing updates to our students. In the meantime, if you are looking to apply to Study MBBS in China or are looking to apply for Scholarships in China for Master and PhD in Engineering programs you can get in touch with us to get information regarding admissions being offered at various Universities Web Consultants represent because we at Web Consultants Thrive For Your Bright Future!

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