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Why Study MBBS in China?

Updated: May 23, 2023

As an international student, one wonders why should one choose China as a destination for studying MBBS. There are many other options available in the world where one can Study MBBS, then why China? We at Web Consultants have put together a few reasons that makes China the most attractive place abroad for international students to pursue their MBBS degree.

  • High Standard of Education and Research

Well for starters, #StudyMBBSinChina is affordable. Along with being affordable, the Universities offering MBBS programs to International students in China are generally well ranked and are equipped with high-end and cutting-edge technologies and researches. To be honest, over the years China has invested heavily in research and in 2016 for the first time the number of scientific publications surpassed those from the US according to the United States National Foundation, which is a huge feat. To be exact, the Chinese publications were 426,000 as compared to the US 409,000. Quality-wise according to Nature Index, in 2018 China was ranked 2nd only after the US in the quality of research papers published in the 82 leading journals. Many people once said that Chinese education wasn't as good as compared to the education of the West, however today the tide has turned. Health has been put forward as a major priority in China. This priority has led to around 100 national centers of Clinical Research in China today. China today has turned into a prolific producer of Clinical guidelines, adding to its ability year after year. Moreover, the Chinese Medical Universities follow international standards in terms of curriculum, faculty and infrastructure.

  • Affordability of Tuition Fees & Availability of Admissions

One of the major reasons International students come to study MBBS in China is the affordability of the Tuition Fees offered by the Medical Universities in China. Generally the tuition fee of the Medical Universities offering MBBS in China range between RMB 18,000-22,000, thus making it extremely affordable especially to Pakistani students compared to the tuition fees offered by the Private Medical Universities in their own countries. On the other hand, it is easier for international students to get admission to Chinese Medical Universities, despite having better facilities, equipment, professors, research and hospitals compared to other developing countries.

  • Accreditation from various World Bodies

On the other hand, another key factor that plays a vital role is the vast accreditation Chinese Medical Universities enjoy across the globe. A large number of MBBS (Clinical Medicine) Universities in China enjoy accreditation from various International bodies such as ECFMG, WDOMS, WCAME, WFME, FAIMER, List of PMC (Pakistan Medical Council), etc. Students after finishing their MBBS in China can easily take up License exams in different parts of the world like USMLE, PLAB, AMC, HPCSA, PMC, etc.

  • Affordable and high standard of living

Living in China offers both affordability and a high standard of living. Generally, a monthly expense of RMB 600 should be enough for a student's food and daily expenses. However, please note that the expense of each individual may vary based on his/her standard of living.

  • Quality Transportation

As an international student willing to Study MBBS in China, another major concern would be transportation. China is equipped with all kinds of modern transportation systems, both inter and intra cities. For inter-city transportation, the local bus system, BRT and Subways are highly developed, affordable and easy to access. On the other hand, intra-city transportation is highly developed too, with Railway being the major mode of transportation in China. With CRH trains reaching a speed of around 350 Km/hr, the duration of traveling shortens hugely compared to conventionally popular modes of transportation like buses elsewhere in the developing countries. Alternatively, one can use airplanes or busses for traveling between the cities as well.

  • Study and Enjoy the 5,000 years history of China

Prior to the Covid-19 situation, China had reached 492,185 International students studying in China. International students coming to study MBBS in China can also learn and explore one of the oldest civilizations on Earth with a history going back to 2,700 BC. China has a rich culture and heritage and amazing artifacts to visit and learn from. Some highlights are the Great Wall of China (One of the 7 wonders in the world), Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the Dali Pagodas, The Forbidden City, etc.

  • Extremely Safe and Friendly Environment

China is one of the safest countries on Earth for International students to go to. The Chinese people are extremely friendly and helpful and never wish to cause any kind of trouble to foreigners in general. The sense of security is so high that one can easily go around the city at night without fear. This however does not mean to be careless, it's always better to be careful than sorry. The public does not own guns in China, if one is found to own a gun, it is a crime punishable with at least 3 years of prison, which adds to the safety and less crime. Chinese people are generally peace-loving and good public security prevails. International students willing to Study MBBS in China shouldn't be worried about security and can fearlessly choose China as their favored destination for MBBS.

  • A Chance to learn Chinese Language

Chinese language enjoys the reputation of being the oldest written language on Earth and is also the most spoken language on Earth. Along with Studying MBBS in China, you can also learn the Chinese language which adds to your arsenal of languages. Due to the Belt and Road Initiative of China, lots of Chinese companies are expanding businesses across the globe, which gives people able to speak and understand the Chinese language and the Chinese culture a plus point in finding good jobs with good pays at these Chinese companies. So along with studying MBBS in China, it is highly recommended to learn the Chinese language which may give you an additional benefit later on in life.

  • Hospitals for internship

Students who study MBBS in China also can avail themselves of an opportunity to do their internship at a hospital affiliated with their University.

This, to be honest, is an awesome opportunity, because you get to work with some of the best and highly skilled doctors at hospitals equipped with the latest machines and technologies, other than being clean and highly organized. Such experiences strengthen the medics clinical skills, builds confidence and prepare the medics for the challenges of real-world medical practice.

  • Friendly and cooperative Professors

Professors and lecturers teaching at Chinese Universities are very friendly. According to my experience, if an International student studying MBBS in China is unable to understand something, the professor will give it his/her best to explain it in detail. In case the student still isn't able to understand completely, the professor may invite the student to his/her own office after class to explain the topic further in detail. The best part about the professors teaching MBBS in China is that they are willing to transfer their knowledge to their students and are very happy to teach their students and see their students making achievements.

  • An International Environment

If you are willing to Study MBBS in China, apart from all the benefits mentioned above, another point that needs your attention is exposure to an international environment, which may add to your confidence and the way you see the world in general. In your class, you may find students coming from various countries, nations and colors. This gives you an opportunity to merge with people of different cultures and understand them, thus giving you an opportunity to learn in-depth about the different nations Earth has been gifted with, by the Almighty! Studying alongside peers from different countries fosters cultural exchange, broadens perspectives, and enhances intercultural communication skills. The exposure to a multicultural environment prepares students for future global medical practices.

  • Conclusion

Finally, it can be easily concluded that it is an excellent choice for international students to Study MBBS in China. We at Web Consultants thrive for your bright future and have been working since 2007 to help International students get admission to MBBS in China. So, stop worrying and trust in us, let us help you achieve your dreams by helping you get admission in MBBS in China.

Want to know when can international students travel to China post covid? Get in touch with us.

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Mudassir Khurshid
Mudassir Khurshid
May 29, 2021

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Hussain Malik
May 28, 2021

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Muhammad Irfan Malik
May 27, 2021

Amazing and very informative. Highly recommended and trusted web consultant. I will definitely suggest my medical college fellows to apply for this opportunity.


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Mohammad Kamran
May 27, 2021

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Haider Bhatti
May 27, 2021

Best quality of services best attitude, cooperative and 100% Trustable. WEB CONSULTANCY is the best.

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