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List of MOE China approved Medical Universities for 2021-2022

Updated: Aug 28

MBBS in China is taught by two kinds of Universities, divided into the following two categories:

  1. MOE China Listed Universities which are allowed to teach MBBS degree to International students in English Medium.

  2. Non-Listed Universities which are also allowed to teach MBBS degree to International students, however, they are allowed to teach International students in Chinese Medium.

Now, being a student aspiring to Study MBBS in China, you must be thinking about which of the two kinds of Universities should you opt for. Logically speaking, you should choose option 1 - The MOE China Listed Universities which have been allowed to teach MBBS in English Medium, because you being an International student do not speak Chinese and learning a language based on characters instead of letters might seem scary to you at first. However, to be honest, choosing a Listed or a Non-Listed usually depends on what part of the world you come from and if the Medical Council of your home country accepts you studying at a Non-Listed University or not. For Example, Pakistani students usually go for Non-Listed Universities (Click to check the List of Medical Universities in China on List A of Pakistan Medical Council - PMC), mostly because they are cheaper compared to the Listed Universities. On the other hand, students coming from India and Bangladesh need to Study MBBS at those Universities which are accepted by Medical Council of India (MCI)/National Medical Council (NMC) and Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) respectively, Moreover, the Listed Universities have been allowed a specific quota for accepting international students to be taught in English. The Non-Listed Universities on the other hand do not generally have a specific quota to accept international students. However, whether you choose a Listed University or a Non-Listed University to pursue your MBBS degree, studying Chinese language is a compulsion for every international student. This is because it is absolutely essential for your living in China. You will need to interact with people in Mandarin (Chinese Language) for your everyday living. Similarly being a student studying MBBS in China, you will have to interact with patients in Mandarin (Chinese Language also known as Pu Tong Hua / 普通话) at the hospitals, thus making it absolutely necessary for international students to learn the Chinese language.

List of MOE Listed Medical Universities allowed to teach International Students MBBS in English Medium for 2021 is given below:

University Name No. of International students Accepted

  1. Dalian Medical University 100

  2. China Medical University 100

  3. Qingdao University 60

  4. Capital Medical University 100

  5. Tianjin Medical University 100

  6. Shandong University 78

  7. Fudan University 40

  8. Xinjiang University 100

  9. Nanjing Medical University 100

  10. Jiangsu University 100

  11. Wenzhou Medical University 100

  12. Wenzhou Medical University (Overseas) 50

  13. Zhejiang University 110

  14. Wuhan University 50

  15. Huazhong University of Science and Technology 70

  16. Xi'an Jiaotong University 100

  17. Southern Medical University 100

  18. Jinan University 100

  19. Guangxi Medical University 100

  20. Sichuan University 100

  21. Chongqing Medical University 90

  22. Harbin Medical University 60

  23. Beihua University 40

  24. Jinzhou Medical University 20

  25. Jilin University 60

  26. Hebei Medical University 60

  27. Ningxia Medical University 60

  28. Tongji University 30

  29. Shihezi University 60

  30. Southeast University 60

  31. Yangzhou University 60

  32. Nantong University 60

  33. Suzhou University 60

  34. Ningbo University 40

  35. Fujian Medical University 60

  36. Anhui Medical University 60

  37. Xuzhou Medical University 60

  38. China Three Gorges University 20

  39. Zhengzhou University 20

  40. Guangzhou Medical University 60

  41. Zhongshan University 20

  42. Shantou University 20

  43. Kunming Medical University 60

  44. North Sichuan Medical College 40

  45. Southwest Medical University 60

  46. Xiamen University 40

A total of 45 (+1) Universities have been authorized by the Ministry of Education China to teach English Medium MBBS to international students in 2021-2022, which can accept a total of 3,058 international students every year.

The list of the above mentioned MOE Listed Medical Universities can be found at the website of the Ministry of Education China as well.

At Web Consultants, we have been helping students to Study MBBS at the MOE Listed Universities since 2007 when the list of Medical Universities was issued for the first time by the Ministry of Education China. The list of Medical Universities allowed to teach MBBS in English by MOE keeps on changing from time to time, so it is suggested for students to also keep checking the latest Medical Universities allowed to teach international students MBBS list from the MOE China website as well.

Due to Covid though, international students have not yet been allowed to enter China and the classes as of today are being offered online only to international students. Find out When can International students return to China? and the challenges international students face in online learning.

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