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Is it really necessary for Pakistani students to study MBBS at MOE Listed Universities?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

MOE Listed University or MOE Non-Listed University? Students from Pakistan willing to Study MBBS in China, keep pondering upon which one to choose among the two. Going to different education consultants, they get different opinions from experts dealing with sending students to China for medical education. Confused and worried, the students have to take a decision as the time ticks on. The students obviously don't want to waste a precious year of their educational career.

Web Consultants have here put it in Black and White for Pakistani students to understand if it is really necessary for Pakistani students to choose an MOE Listed University to Study MBBS in China. Putting it simply: NO, it is not necessary or important for Pakistani students to opt for an MOE Listed University. Let me now support my notion with facts, given below:

  1. Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) gives equal weightage to both MOE Listed and MOE Non-Listed Universities. I do not see a reason, why MOE Listed University should be given preference over an MOE Non-Listed University then, since both have equal value in the eyes of PMC.

  2. Graduates from both MOE Listed Universities and MOE Non-Listed Universities have to write the same NLE (National License Examination) after getting the degree and completing the required procedures.

  3. MOE Listed Universities are much expensive compared to MOE Non-Listed Universities. Why spend so much extra money when MOE Non-Listed Universities are given equal weightage by the PMC? Moreover, the subjects taught at the MOE Listed and Non-MOE universities are usually the same, so why spend more?

  4. Looking at the CWUR Rankings, relatively cheaper MOE Listed Universities promoted in Pakistan, are not necessarily better ranked than the MOE Non-Listed Universities. Some are even far worse ranked compared to the MOE Non-Listed Universities.

  5. Let's now talk about the great English Medium thing. Yes, it is true that the MOE Listed Universities officially state English Medium as their Medium of Instruction whereas their counterparts MOE Non-Listed Universities never put English Medium down on their admission letters. So, is it true that the MOE Non Listed Universities teach in Chinese? The big question, HUH!!! I'll not go into further details but I will just like to finish this point with a counter-question and since you've read the article this far, I do assume you're wise enough to figure it out. Had the MOE Non Listed Universities been teaching in Chinese Medium, do you honestly think the Pakistani students would have been quiet for over a decade and would have silently been studying in Chinese Medium Universities without causing any problems for the education consultants sending them to China or causing a stir on social media? I bet you're wise enough to figure it out.

  6. HSK...Another big question - the demon in the closet! The thing that scares most of the Pakistani students is HSK, especially by the end of the first year. MOE Listed Universities are advertised mostly by scaring people of the Chinese language. To be honest, Chinese is a language we've not learned about and is a difficult language, but is it really that difficult? Should we avoid learning Chinese language or Can we avoid learning Chinese language? NO again is the simplest answer to this question. Chinese language is compulsory to learn. If you're willing to Study MBBS in China, there's no way you can avoid learning Chinese language. It is absolutely essential for your everyday living and MOE Listed University or not, the patients you'll attend at the hospital aren't going to come speaking to you in English - They will speak Chinese to you and will expect You - Their Doctor - to respond in Chinese too. So don't be fooled by the Chinese Language Gennie and think sensibly. If you're really that scared of the language, it's better you look elsewhere. HSK4 is compulsory at every University, no matter it's an MOE Listed University or an MOE Non-Listed University - The difference however is that most of the MOE Non-Listed Universities require HSK4 by the end of the first year whereas MOE Listed Universities do not require you to pass the HSK4 by the end first year. Do know though, there are MOE Non-Listed Universities too which do not require HSK4 by the end of the first year. Whatever the case, I personally recommend you to learn the Chinese language and get your HSK4 by the end of the first year. You anyways have to do it one day, why not sooner than later? By the way, learning the Chinese Language and Chinese Culture brings you lots of added benefits too, trust me!

  7. Next, the degree issued states Chinese Medium - Another bogus claim! Nowhere on any degree issued from the Medical Universities in China, is it mentioned whether the degree was taught in Chinese or English, so don't trust in everything you hear. Do your research thoroughly!

Please understand that we at Web Consultants do not mean to say that being a Pakistani you should not choose to Study MBBS in China at MOE Listed Universities. We have always advocated MOE Listed Universities for admissions equally. By writing this article, we only wish to bring to light the facts which you should know, thus making it easier for you to make the choice based on your budget, needs and profile. Interestingly, Web Consultants (Previous known as Littman Consultants) was among the very first Pakistani companies/firms in 2007, to have signed agreements with MOE Listed Universities like Dalian Medical University and China Medical University. We at Web Consultants even today continue enjoying good relations with the MOE Listed Universities and have been introducing students to the MOE Listed Universities to Study MBBS in China since 2007 (2007-2012 under the name of Littman Consultants).

We at Web Consultants continue to thrive for the bright future of our students. Having 20 years of first hand experience of studying MBBS in China himself, living in China, understanding the Chinese culture and the Chinese education system for international students, our CEO brings his expertise to the fore to help the Pakistani students who are willing to Study MBBS in China.

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