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How to apply for MBBS in China?

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Students after finishing their High School (F. Sc/Intermediate/A-Levels) are eager to get into a renowned Medical University either within their own country or abroad, in order to pursue their goal of becoming a doctor in the future. If they opt to pursue their MBBS degree from China, they need to know the procedure to apply and the documents required to apply for MBBS in China.

Procedure to apply to Study MBBS in China through Web Consultants can be broken down into the following easy steps:

  1. You first need to choose a university at which you wish to study MBBS. Web Consultants will help you choose a university that best suits your requirements and profile.

  2. After choosing a university, you need to provide scans of your documents to Web Consultants in order to apply for studying MBBS in China. Please make sure the documents are scans and not pictures taken from the cell phone. Please also do not use camscanner. Any incomplete documents or documents not scanned will lead to automatic disqualification of the application.

  3. Having provided all the scans and the application fee (Refundable only in case of unsuccessful admission), you now need to sit back and relax and let Web Consultants do the work of applying for you at the University you chose, to Study MBBS in China.

  4. In a few days’ time, your admission letter will have been issued after which your JW202 will be applied at MOE China (However due to the current global Covid-19 situation, students are not allowed to travel to China which is why the students will not be given their JW202s, instead the students will take online classes. Once the Covid-19 situation betters, the JW202's will be issued and the students can apply for their visas at the nearest Chinese embassy or Consulate).

  5. Having received the JW202 and having received your visa successfully from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, you will be ready to fly to China (Not during Covid-19) and have successfully accomplished the first feat of having successfully gained admission to Study MBBS in China with the help of Web Consultants.

Documents required to apply to study MBBS in China:

Scans of the following documents are required to apply for studying MBBS in China:

  • Passports 1st 11 pages

  • Photograph with white background

  • High School Transcripts and Certificates (Matriculation and F. Sc/O-Levels and A-Levels)

  • Physical Examination Form (Not older than 3 months)

  • Non-Criminal Certificate (Not older than 3 months)

  • Bank Statement of USD 6,000 or above (Not older than 3 months)

  • Detailed CV including the names, ages, jobs, places of jobs, contact numbers of both the parents/guardian


  • Due to the global Covid situation, students will not be able to travel to China this year, instead, the classes will be conducted online. Moreover, students have to clear all their dues within 10 days of the admission letter being issued for studies during Covid.

  • Since the documents are provided by the student him/herself, if any of the documents provided is found to be fake, the responsibility will be borne by the student him/herself and Web Consultants will bear no responsibility.

  • A minimum of 60% in Matric and F. Sc is required to apply to study MBBS in China.

  • The universities represented by Web Consultants are currently accredited by WDOMS, WFME, FAIMER, WCAME, ECFMG and are also on the A List of PMC. In the future due to any reason, if the accreditation of the university you take admission is canceled, Web Consultants will bear no responsibility.

  • While studying in China, you should not break any laws of the university or China, should not indulge in a fight or bad behavior on or off-campus and should maintain an attendance of at least 90%.

  • The university reserves the right to accept or reject your application and also reserves the right to expel the student in case of any irregularities.

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