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Scholarship after F. Sc Pre-Medical for Pakistani Students

Updated: May 2

Scholarships after F. Sc Pre-Medical
Apply for a scholarship in China after completing your F. Sc

Finished with your F. Sc Pre-Medical and now looking for a scholarship to further your education? You're at the right place, Scholarships for Pakistani students, offered by China are brought by none other than Web Consultants - The Best China Education Consultant, which not only helps take financial burden off your parents but also gives you access to an opportunity of getting your education from China, which not only is a modern wonder but also offers quality education and research apart from a wonderful living experience.

Now lets dig into the options you have after finishing your F. Sc Pre-Medical to further your education in China, on scholarship.


Pharmaceutical and Biological Technology (3 Years Diploma)

Scholarship Coverage:

Tuition Fee: Waived Off

Hostel Fee: Waived Off

Stipend: RMB 3,800-13,800 Yearly (Depends on your performance)

Course Objective

This major aims to cultivate students with mastering the practical operation skills and basic theoretical knowledge necessary for pharmaceutical production, quality management and pharmaceutical marketing, and to cultivate technical and skilled talents with good professional quality and cultural cultivation, strong innovation ability and serving the front line of production and management in pharmaceutical production, quality testing, operation and management and other fields.

Terms and Conditions:

The terms and conditions not only limited to the following are to be kept up with, in order to carry on the scholarship:

  • The student is bound to follow the rules of the Institution and People's Republic of China.

  • The student should not indulge in a fight inside or outside the campus.

  • The student should maintain an attendance of at least 90%.

  • The student should not fail any exam/assessment/test.

  • The student has to pass the annual appraisal.

Documents required to apply for this scholarship:

Given below is the list of documents required to apply for this scholarship in China:

  • Passport's 1st 11 pages

  • Photograph with white background (Bare-headed)

  • Matric and F. Sc Transcript and Certificate

  • Physical Examination Form

  • Police Character Certificate

  • Bank Statement (Closing balance of PKR 4 Lakh)

  • Detailed CV

Please make sure that these documents are properly scanned at 400 DPI and avoid using cam scanner or pictures from cell phone.

Application Criteria

  • Minimum marks required to apply: 60% in F. Sc

  • Age: Below 25

So what are you waiting for, get in touch with Web Consultants - The Best China Education Consultant - today to apply for this wonderful scholarship and get the financial burden for your education off your parents. Finding scholarships after finishing your F. Sc is not so easy, so do not miss this golden opportunity. Apply before it's too late!

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